Following a recent sanitation training program in North Bougainville, there are many happy young female students. The site of the training which was a large Catholic primary school which now has new toilet facilities as well as I washroom for female students. The buildings was constructed using funds from UNICEF, (The picture shows 2 of ATprojects staff standing outside the new girls toilet and washing facility) and it is now open and ready for use. These facilities will make an important difference not only to the school, but in particular it’s female students.



Following a number of break-ins, the YWCA hostile in Goroka decided that they would like to upgrade their security lighting system. And as part of this upgrade the YWCA decided to ask ATprojects to supply and install four solar street lights around they hostile. Using the same solar lighting system that is currently used at the ATprojects Centre, this week our staff started the installation of these new solar lights. These new solar lights will provide light during the many blackouts that are common place in Goroka Town.