This month, we were very excited to receive an order from Oxfam of 200 Mun Pads to be included in their emergency response programs. We also presented our product to CARE International staff on the 25th July, and we got a very good response, and we hope that other partnerships will develop in the future.


2 thoughts on “MUN PADS PROJECT

  1. Hi ATP,

    This is great — is it possible to share this photo on the Oxfam New Zealand FB page? If so, we would have text along the lines of:

    “Oxfam is excited to have placed an order of 200 reusable sanitary pads, or Mun Pads, that have been developed and produced by AT Projects, a partner Oxfam works with in the Papua New Guinea Highlands. We’ll be including the Mun Pads into our emergency response kits, so women have support for managing menstruation during times of emergency.”

    Please let me know if this is ok and if I have the above sentence correct. The comms person might tinker a bit with it.


    Rachel Fairhurst | International Portfolio Manager
    Oxfam New Zealand | Level 1, 14 West Street, Newton, Auckland | +64 (09) 355 6500 ext. 741 | | twitter @oxfamnz | Skype: rachel.fairhurst


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