Due to the financial obligations requested by Oxfam, ATprojects has recruited a new Accounts Officer Philemon Iru, who will be working on the Oxfam project. He has been busy keeping track of the financials for the project and making sure all the appropriate documentation is place. Philemon is using a “FileMaker” based project manage system developed here at ATprojects that ensure that all materials, transport, labour and other expenses are account for. The program also allows for the information to be transferred to the client, [on regular intervals]. Philemon is a graduate of Goroka Business Collage and is from Madang Province. While a new employee, he has made an impressive start.



As part of a joint project between UNICEF, AROB, Tinputz Technical College and ATprojects, we will be introducing a range of appropriate sanitation options for both schools and communities in Bougainville. And over the past few weeks the project has been building two demonstration toilet options at Tinputz Technical College.

Apart from building these demonstration toilets the activity was also used to train our locally hired Bougainville staff in the construction of these new toilets. This initial training was conducted by one of our senior toilet masons who was working in New Ireland, but was transferred over to Tinputz for two weeks to train our local hired staff.

What is becoming very clear is that there is a huge demand for these low-cost appropriate toilets. And we are confident that our staff will be kept very busy meeting this demand.