ATprojects, UNICEF, ARB and the Bougainville Technical Collage are starting a new training program that will be targeting rural communities in Bougainville with the aim of improving basic sanitation. The program will provide ‘hands-on” training in the construction of simple toilets that can be build in rural communities. The training will be carried out at the Bougainville Technical Collage which in located in Tinputz. ATprojects will have 3 full-time staff working in this program, headed by a senior project officer Ms. Janet Rowaro. This week ATprojects Co-Director Mrs. Steve Layton and Ms. Janet Rowaro visited the Collage with Mr. Kencho Namgyal of UNICEF to start the process of setting-up the program. An important part of the program will be the high level of cooperation that will be developed between ATprojects and Education and Health staff, and we are already seeing working partnerships being developed, one example of this is that Ms. Claudia Dalets [Environmental Health Office based in Buka] and Ms. Janet Rawaro both graduates of DW University are already starting to plan the first few weeks of the program, [see picture below].


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