Last week 3 ATprojects staff went to Watabung Rural Primary school and Health Centre to arrange for a visit to carry out a base-line survey at these locations. Watabung was selected as it is only just over one hours drive from Goroka along the main Highlands Highway The Highway is the main [and only] supply route for the 4 million or so people that live in the Highlands. However, on Saturday night a land slip completely cut of the Highway. And what should have been a 4-5hour job to clear the Highway is still not done as local land owners are still demanding compensation from the Government. One good sign is that the Department of Works from Goroka now after 2 days has an backhoe excavator on site, and late on Monday it looked like police were taking control of the situation and allowing the clearing-up process to start.This is just one more example of how the best planned projects can and often do fall behind schedule. The picture below shows what was left of the Highway. The picture was supplied by Mr. Joseph Stegman, Depot Manager – Goroka, Mapai Transport Ltd


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