After the Christmas holidays the Kabil Wash team are break on site. The team is hoping to complete the project by May this year, The remaining work includes the construct or another 60 or so ATloo’s and 15 rain catchments, [the picture below shows Delilah Kamila [right] one of our project engineers and Ruth Jerry our of our building staff [left] discussing the ATloo timber frames] the team will be assisted by 20 community volunteers and this should ensure that the work is quickly as possible. Also as part of the project the team will be completing a baseline survey collection data on hygiene practices (through questionnaires with women), medical records, school attendance and general knowledge of basic hygiene (through community sessions). In teams of community awareness one of the activities the team will carry out will be participatory sessions on “reproductive health & hygiene and menstrual hygiene” provided to the women of the target community. Also at every school within the project area participatory lessons on “Basic health & hygiene” to all students (Grade 1 to Grade 8). Which includes: 1) Introduction to germs, 2) Exercise on the route to germ transmission, 3) Discussion of good and bad hygiene practices, 4) Training of washing hands 5) Discussion of rubbish disposal, plus training on how to use a sit down toilet is carried out. Participatory lessons on “Menstrual hygiene” to female students (Grades 6, 7 and 8). Which includes: 1) Introduction to menstruation, 2) Exercise on the female reproductive system, 3) Menstrual cycle & fertility calendar, 4) Students presentations, 5) Training on how to use different menstrual products. 


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