As of this month the iRAMP program currently includes 24 remote airstrips in the 4 Provinces. These airstrips are:
Enga Province – Elem, Iropeno, Lapolama, Maramuni & Yangis Rural Airstrips

Jiwaka Province – Amblua, Giramben, Koinambe. Kol & Tsandiap Rural Airstrips

Madang Province – Junkaral Rural Airstrip

Western Province – Debepari, Fuma, Gubam, Hesalibi, Honinabi,Kapal, Kawito, Kiriwo, Kondobol,Lake Campbell, Mougulu, Wawoi Falls, Yehebi Rural Airstrips

 The first stage of the iRAMP process is to carry out a consultation visit where each proposed community discusses the project and signs a partnership agreement to undertake the project. At this meeting suitable community persons are nominated to form a Project Committee and mower operators are identified, and we currently have 48 volunteers

The iRAMP [Integrated Remote Airstrip Maintenance Program] is intended to support remote communities to maintain airstrips in Papua New Guinea. The program is by the National Government of PNG [via the Rural Airstrip Agency] with ATprojects as the project implementer, in support of remote communities. As soon as these airstrips are reliably maintained with grass being cut and drains maintained there will be more frequent flights into these airstrips and people living in these remote areas will have access to better health, education and general transport services. Since most of these rural airstrips are presently poorly maintained, very sick people and pregnant women who have complications during birth die while waiting for a plane to land. The program is also important as it will help people to help themselves, with a sense of community ownership.



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